Finland strikes back - Karelian isthmus, Bair Irincheev

Finland strikes back

Karelian isthmus

Bair Irincheev

Englanti, 2011
Avrora-Design4.00 €
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70 years after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War we have a unique opportunity to see the tragic events of 1941-1945 through the eyes of soldiers and officers of invading armies. This series of photo books includes previoisly unseen and unpublished photos that were taken by Finnish and German soldiers in Russia during the Second World War.

The images of death, destruction and suffering that engulfed the Soviet Union in 1941 make uncomfortable viewing for we of the postwat generations; nevertheless, these images give us a chance to see the defeat of the Red army through the eyes of its opponents. These photo books will also give readers a chance to see the Finnish and German soldiers preferences and interests in photography.

Koko: 26cm korkea x 21cm leveä.